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Our Mission

The Central Missouri Mustang and Ford Club is a group of individuals and families who appreciate the design and beauty of the Greatest Pony car ever - The Ford Mustang, as well as all Ford products. The club is open to anyone regardless of whether they own a Pony or not. All you need is an appreciation of the Legend, Legacy, and Pageantry of the Mustang or any of the other Fabulous Fords that have hit the streets!


Memberships are good for one year.
Annual membership is $20 per year
We welcome anyone who would like to join our family.
Annual dues are $20 per person and all new members recieve a CMM&FC logo logo car flag that can be clipped to a window or antenna.
You are not required to own a Mustang or a Ford to be a member, simply have an appreciation for the hobby and any of the awesome Fords, Lincolns, Mercurys, or even Edsels from over the years.
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